Pinterest Tips, Tricks And Success.

How to succeed on Pinterest, grow your account and drive your business forward with these Pinterest tips.

The P.O.S.T. Method

I’m sure you’ve seen enough people pedalling their “sure-fire” courses on Youtube and Clubhouse. Have you ever just looked at the Pinterest profiles of some of these people and thought why are they only getting 100k monthly views?

So, I’m not here to sell you anything but I do have bills to pay so I will do a few things and I’ll be open with you from the start.

  • Google ads – I will have some Google ads on here, They should be relevant to you as google will serve you ads based on your recent searches and the websites you visit. I won’t see the ads and even if I did, I’m not in any position to judge. – Clicking on them will get me a very small kickback and maybe more if you order something from these sites.
  • Affiliate Links – I will use some of these, but only if it is a product I use myself and I strongly believe it has helped me grow. Generally, it will be a deal that will get us both a free month for an online service, so we both gain something from it. If it is a piece of equipment it will be something I use and the link probably be to Amazon where you still get the best price but I get a few % as a kickback.
  • A tip jar – I will set up a tip jar through PayPal, so if you find the content helpful, useful and feel you would like to encourage me to keep adding new content to this page you can make a voluntary contribution. Also if you follow some of the tips here and have great success on your Pinterest account and that leads to you generating sales, your Karma will be enhanced by coming back and showing your gratitude.
  • And of course please feel free to follow my Pinterest account to see what I’m posting and visit my main wedding photography website here
Pinterest Tips, Tricks And Success.

It’s kind of the opposite to these courses that are being offered, where you buy them, you may or may not see any benefits and if you don’t, you won’t get your money back because they’ll just say you mustn’t have followed their steps and instruction properly and it’s you that’s at fault and not the course.

I will be adding to this regally especially if I get good feedback from you guys, so make sure you bookmark this page and check back. If there are any topics you’d like me to discuss just let me know.

What you will find here.

I’ve got lots to write so if you’re here and the information is incomplete, take a look at what’s here and call back another day.

More will be added as I get spare time and of course when Pinterest makes any changes, Heads up, there are going to be quite a few changes to the way Pinterest works in 2022/23.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest Tips, Tricks And Success.

This might sound like a pretty straightforward question and maybe it is.

The mistake many people make is thinking it is a social media platform when it’s not, it may feel a little social-y but it’s a visual search engine.

You don’t go to Pinterest to catch up with friends, celebrities or see what’s going on in the world. You go to Pinterest for inspiration, ideas and creativity.

Pinterest learns very quickly the types of things its users like and it gives them ideas based on that without them needing to search.

The content is of course very searchable and when you are looking for something new it’s easy to find fresh ideas.

My Success.

I ignored Pinterest for many years, I had an account and posted a handful of times over a few years but never gave it any thought.

A little over a year ago I started to take it a little more seriously and at the time of writing this, I get 8.5 Million monthly views and as many as 454 clicks to my website a day from Pinterest, 9,190 in the last 30 days.

Pinterest has become the largest source of traffic to my website, representing about 70% of my total traffic. I also strongly believe that Pinterest has contributed to the gains I have also seen in organic traffic.

My Account Growth.

I started to take Pinterest seriously in November 2019. I cleaned up my account (somewhat) and started pinning with a plan and a goal in mind. Not much happened for quite a while but I persisted and in February I started to see indications that something might be working with a big spike in Impressions.

Pinterest Impressions Growth

It wasn’t until April that the reach started to consistently climb. I also Invested in my Tailwind for Pinterest account at the beginning of April 2020. I believe it has been a key contributor to my growth but without running a side by side it’s difficult to prove. I do know it has made my pinning and planning so much easier and more effective.

It was also around April when I started to notice more consistent traffic to my website. So I’d spend 5 months building the foundations of my account, I was getting around an average of 10 clicks back to my website per day and I was delighted with that. At some points in the past, I was not getting much more than that a month.

Pinterest Click to my website each day

In May I saw my first real spike in website traffic from Pinterest with 239 in one day! I started thinking how amazing it would be if I could get a steady 100 site visits a day from Pinterest. By July I was there. It took 8 months but I was consistently getting +100 hits back to my website every day.

In January of 2021, it took another jump and now I was in the +200 and hitting +300 on some days! Way, way WAY beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

I had a big drop at the end of March, early April, in-fact my lowest point was on April Fools Day, Maybe it was Pinterest’s little joke with me? I’m still not sure what happened here, maybe I was flagged for something suspicious that later turned out to be nothing, but whatever it was sorted it’s self out and everything went back to normal.

So far my best day has been 454 hits to my website from Pinterest in 1 day!!! Incredible!!! Over the last 30 days I’ve had 9,190 Outbound Clicks, giving me an average of 306 per day.

So, the question most people have is “how long does it take to see results on Pinterest” I hope this gives you a feel for my journey, gives you hope for your journey and convinces you to keep pushing forward.

The P.O.S.T. Method.

It could just stand for post more and we’d be done but no, Prepare Organise Schedule & Test.

Prepare – The first thing you need to do is get your account ready. A little bit of housekeeping will go a long way to making your account successful and telling Pinterest what you’re about.

  • A Business Account – If you haven’t already done so make sure you have a business account, this is very simple and I’ll guide you through the steps.
  • Use your display name and profile about the section to tell people (and Pinterest what you are about. Use keywords that relate to your business and include your location.
    • I see so many profiles that miss this, if you’re a local business put a local location, if you deliver worldwide put that too. People will turn away if they don’t know for sure you can service them in the area they want.
  • Claim your website – When you claim your website Pinterest will credit you for all pins that link your site and it will add a link to your profile. If you have more than one website you can add those too.
    • Claim any other sites you can, Pinterest allows you to add your Instagram, Etsy and Youtube channels.
  • Clean up your boards – Your public boards should all be related to your business goals. You can still keep your personal boards like “your dream kitchen” but make them private.
    • Create boards that are named with keywords specific to different aspects of your business or what your customers may be looking for.
    • Use the description section on all your boards to add more keywords and more information, Like all these text fields, keep it natural and write for somebody to read and don’t just keyword stuff for the sake of it.
    • Create a cover pin for every board to give your profile a consistent look.
  • Get your website in order – There’s no point getting traffic to a website or page if you’re not ready and it will be a bad experience for the visitor. Just like Google, if Pinterest sees people are landing on your site and bouncing they will reduce the reach of your pins. I’ll cover this more below in Converting Visits To Customers.
    • Also like Google, Pinterest will crawl your site and the pages you link to. This is to make sure what you are saying in your pin matches the content on the page and isn’t spammy or low quality.

Organise – Time to start planning your pins and think about what you want to achieve.

  • Blogs and Pages – The first step is to decide where you want people to go. Is there a specific blog post you want them to read? Is it an item you want to sell? Be clear on your goal before you start to pin.
  • Pretty Pins – there is no end to the ways you can create a pin. a simple image can be very powerful and if it has no text overlay it will not look sales-y. But, if you want them to take action text overlays and calls to action really help.
  • How to make pins – If you have the skills, Photoshop is an amazing tool but, if not I love Canva, their free account gives you lots of options but consider using my link to create a paid account and we’ll both get some bonuses.
    • If you sign up for a Tailwind account (and I strongly suggest you do). Their Tailwind Create is a fantastic way to quickly and easily make beautiful pins.
    • Video Pins – I use Wave Video to create video pins, I’ll often add these videos to a Canva created pin to give them a different feel and allow me a little more control over the look. It’s also a great way to re-purpose the same video on different platforms.
    • We’ll talk a little more about creating your pins below.
  • Once you have your beautiful pins created, you need to decide what board or boards they should go into. Although at the moment there is less benefit to posting a pin to several different boards there is still something to be gained. Make sure the first board you pin to is the most relevant to that pin and space out re-pinning the same pin, Tailwind makes this easy but it’s pretty straightforward to do directly from Pinterest, have a look here.
    • Don’t re-pin to boards just for the sake of it thinking it’ll extend your reach if you post to boards that are not relevant to the pin or the page it is linked to you will start to make it less clear to Pinterest what the board is about and will harm that boards reach and your account in the long run. Their anti-spam feature on Pinterest can be a little aggressive and nobody wants to have their account suspended.

Schedule – It’s time to start adding pins, you can do this manually of course but I love Tailwind for Pinterest. I have my pins scheduled out at least a month at a time. I can very easily add to and change my schedule. I could just leave it alone knowing it’s all being taken care of. I don’t, but I could.

  • What to schedule – If your account is new, it’s ok to have most of your pins be other peoples pins, I’ll go into that more below.
  • Consistency is the key, depending on the amount of content you already have or how much time you can commit to creating content will determine how often you pin. If you have a ton of content and pins lined up, fantastic, slowly build up to 30 pins a day, if you only have a little then a couple of times a week is also good. Don’t drop 50 pins in one go then forget Pinterest for a couple of weeks until you have more content ready.

Test – This is key and I’ll touch more on it in the analytics section. The Pinterest algorithm not only figures out what your account is about but it learns what your audience wants to see.

Test what works and do more of it. This isn’t a one time deal, things change and move on. What works today may not work tomorrow.

Pinterest Trends is a fantastic tool to see what’s happening on the platform and what’s hot right now.

Give all your boards a uniformed cover image.

Pinterest Tips, Tricks And Success.

Get your titles and descriptions in order for every board.

Pinterest Tips, Tricks And Success.

I need to go back and look at my Titles and Descriptions to improve them and now that #hashtags are not really supported on Pinterest I should remove and reword the content.

Free Traffic or Paid Ads.

Free – A lot of people refer to Pinterest traffic as free traffic and that depends on your perspective. Your time has value and if you invest time in creating good quality pins, titles and descriptions along with the web pages to support them, then no. But they are much better value than anything else I have ever found.

Paid Ads – I have used paid ads from time to time, I have spent £10-20 promoting a pin that was linked to a part of my website I wanted to drive traffic to. Over the past 12 months, I think I’ve put about £100 into Pinterest Ads. It’s just a little boost, but it’s the boost that keeps giving because the people who have already seen, liked and shared accelerate the growth of the pin. Assuming it is a good pin. What was the saying about “making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”

Think of it as the difference between being parked at the top of a hill and releasing the handbrake, that’s your normal pin. When you promote a pin, even with a small amount it’s like coming over the hill at 50mph. You’re going to pick up momentum pretty quickly.

How steep the hill is is related to how good the pin is, a good pin = a steep hill and you’ll accelerate quicker. The amount you spend on boosting the pin = the speed you come over the hill. So a great pin with a big promotion budget is like coming over the hill at 100mph they hurtling down a long steep hill, you’re going to pick up speed pretty quickly.

The Costs You Don’t Talk about – We touched on your time, never undervalue your own time. If you outsource your pin creation or your photography there is a cost involved there too. If you are using tools Tailwind, Canva or Wave then you have a cost there too, but services like these more than pay for themselves. Oh, and if you are thinking about outsourcing your photography, I’m here, let’s talk.

Creating Pins.

Design – Look at what is working for your desired keywords but then think about how to stand out without being too far off-topic, as you look at what sort of pin Pinterest is showing you for your search term you’ll notice some standing out in the feed, Learn from that and improve.

  • Text overlays and calls to actions can really help but it will depend on the types of searches you want to be found for. There are lots of pins that people will see and think that’s pretty, I’ll save it on my ‘Ideas’ board but if you can build interest and make them want to find out more you’re on a winner.
  • Pinterest can (generally) read your text overlays so use a variation of the text you’re going to have as your heading, it’s your chance to hit a different keyword search.
    • I said generally, sometimes it has problems, especially if you are using scripty type fonts and or have low contrast between the text and image, think grandmother reading from 3 feet away and you should be able to judge if you have nailed it.
  • As I’ve already mentioned tools like Canva and Tailwind Create are fantastic for creating beautiful pins.
    • Canva – Even their free account has lots of inspiration but do consider a subscription with them. This platform is Ideal for creating lots of pins with a similar theme or a branded aesthetic.
    • It’s easy to go back to one of your previous designs and create a new pin with the same look and feel but simply change the image and the text. I love this for certain types of blog posts and I use the same design for all my Pinterest board cover images and it’s simple to create a new one whenever I create a new board.
    • Tailwind – I can’t say enough good things about this platform and now with the introduction of Create as part of even their free trial I can’t think of a good reason not to have an account with them.
    • You simply drop in the URL of the page you want to direct your traffic to and it will bring in the description that you can then modify. It will also collect all the images on that page/post, you simply select the ones you want to use then hit “Create Images” and you will be presented with what feels like an endless set of beautiful designs for you to choose from, or tweak to your heart’s content.
    • And, because it’s part of the Tailwind platform, you can seamlessly add them into your schedule, smart loop or into tribes/Communities. It is by far the easiest, fastest way to create stunning, eye-catching pins.

Titles & Descriptions – This is where you tell Pinterest and your audience what the pin is about and what they should expect to get if they click on your pin. Don’t keyword stuff, write for the person reading the description.

  • Titles – You have 100 characters to play with here, you don’t have to use them all but the more information you give the more Pinterest will have to work with but be aware that when your pin is in the feed your audience will only see the first part of what you’ve added so make the first few words appealing and engaging.
  • Descriptions – Now you have 500 characters and the opportunity to go into more depth about your product or service. If people are seeing this it means they have clicked on your pin, so you have their attention. Make it easily readable, put the most relevant information first. They’ll also be able to see your Title so don’t waste their time and your opportunity by just repeating the same text.

Alt tags – A very important and often missed feature, the purpose is to help accessibility for sight-impaired people. Use it to add a brief verbal description of what is in the picture. The bonus is it will help Pinterest know what the pin is about.

‘NOTE’ this not a place to keyword stuff, use it as it was intended, imagine you were describing the image to a blind person.

Inspiration – What Pins Should You Create?

I sometimes sit there thinking what should I pin? What kind of content should I create? Well, this might surprise you but Pinterest is happy to tell you exactly what will resonate with your audience.

Of course, places like ‘Pinterest Predicts‘ & ‘Pinterest Trends‘ are amazing tools and will give you a great insight into what is happening in the world of Pinterest, but, you want to know what will work for you.

You want to know what your audience wants to see. This is amazingly important to growing your account. When you create a pin it can of course go out in the wild and be successful, but like all these platforms the algorithm will test the water with your followers or people who have interacted with your account in the past.

If it falls flat with those people then it could be marked as not relevant. but, if it strikes a chord with the test audience then it is more likely to be pushed out to other accounts that Pinterest feels have similar interests. This is one of the best ways to increase your reach, following and get your account working hard for you.

So, how do you know what your audience is interested in? As I said Pinterest is happy to tell you, it’s right there in your ‘Audience insights’

Pinterest Tips, Tricks And Success.

Simply go to ‘Analytics ➢ “Audience insights’ and you’ll open a gold mine. Within the first section, you’ll see ‘Categories and interests’. One of those top ones will be the main focus of your business if you’ve been adding relevant pins and content on your site.

Simply click on the title of your key business category in the ‘Categories and interests’ column and the column to the right will display all related topics in that category.

Pinterest Tips, Tricks And Success.

And there you have it. A nice long list of content ideas that are all tailored to your audience and your business topics. If you write articles on subjects related to your business you’ll find lots of Ideas.

As a bonus, these ‘Interest’ titles make great headings for your pins and should be used in your descriptions too.

BUT, and this is always true, make the content and pins you create relevant to the titles, don’t just use spam your audience, write good quality content that they will want to read and share. Give value to your readers. If you don’t the algorithm will figure it out and any success you have will be a flash in the pan.

Right, I’m off to write an article on ‘finding your wedding theme’. 😜

Keywords For Pinterest.

Fresh Pins.

You might have heard that Pinterest loves fresh pins, but what does that mean?

So, what’s a fresh Pin? – There are varying degrees of fresh.

  • New URL – Unique and fresh content on a new page.
    • Pinterest will also know when you have updated a page or blog post and might decide to start showing your older pins.
  • A new image – New images that have not been seen on Pinterest before. This is why sometimes when you are using stock images you don’t get much reach and your pins don’t get in front of people, this is especially true if you use free stock images.
    • The same image cropped differently or the same product shot from a different angle are better than just using the same image.
  • New Titles and descriptions – If you are sharing the same pin to multiple boards It can be very useful to have different text to go with the pin. This will also help your pins show up to different audiences and in different search results.
  • Repinning to a different board was a technique in the past but at the moment it has much less value, it is still worth doing if the pin and the page it links to are relevant to the board.

Pinning Other Peoples Work.

Many people will tell you as a business you should not pin other peoples pins because you are driving people to somebody else’s website, I kind of disagree and regularly share other peoples pins.

  • Value for my viewers – Like Google Pinterest wants to give the best experience to its users and you should too. If I see a pin that is think is beautiful and could benefit my audience then I add it to the relevant board. I might not add the work of another wedding photographer working down the road from me but I do regally add other photographers images that are inspiring, especially if they are on the other side of the world.
  • Relevance/Association – The pins you add to your boards helps Pinterest understand what the board is about and of course the pins within it, by adding popular well defined pins to a board you are giving Pinterest more information about that board and telling it that the pins is this board are related to this other pin.
  • New Accounts – This follows on very well from the last point. If your account is new adding well established pins into your boards gives you a quick and effective what to let Pinterest know what your board is about so when you start adding your own pins it already know who might be interested in seeing you.

Scheduling Pins Directly in Pinterest.

This is going to need a video.

Scheduling Pins The Smart Way.

Image vs Video vs Idea Pins.

So what type of pin works the best, gets the most reach and improves my business? Well I’m afraid the answer is it depends. It depends on may things and the size and reach of your account will be included in that.

  • Idea Pins – The new hot topic and so many people are raving about how good they are, but if you have a fairly small following they may not be for you.
    • The ‘New Story Pins’ or ‘Idea Pins’ doesn’t allow for you to include a link back to your site and if you add one Pinterest has openly said they will reduce the reach you get.
    • If you have a big following +10k idea pins will probably be spread far and wide assuming they are good pins.
    • A medium following, like mine, will quickly get +1,000 and probably settle somewhere in the 2-3k views.
    • I’ve experimented on some of the small accounts I manage and I’m seeing very little benefit to them with views in the 20-50 ranges.
    • On the accounts Idea Pins work for you they tend to increase followers, I know seems a bit unfair as it’s generally the accounts with bigger followers that better results.
    • Regardless of the size of your account, I suggest you add at least 5 to fill the top row of your profile and include a call to action in the last slide but not a website link, a “follow for more” will help you out more.
  • Video Pins – I think this is where there is the biggest overall benefit to every account lies, I’ve seen across a few accounts that video pins get about x10 the distribution of image pins and you can include a link to your site.
    • How to’s and behind the scenes, videos perform extremely well and like every part of planning your Pinterest strategy, the more unique and new it is the better it will perform.
  • Image Pins – The backbone of Pinterest and what should be the foundation of your account, I have pins that have never been seen by a single soul and others that have exploded getting around 1m views a month, If I could tell you the magic formula to know what pins would go either way I’d be writing this from my private Island on a tropical beach. So, test, see what’s working and do more of it.
    • Depending on how much you pin image pins should make up about 95% of your pins for accounts that pin a lot and maybe 50% if you’re only pinning a few times a week.

How Idea Pins Helped Me.

As I said you can’t add links on the new style Idea Pin but when I first started using them I noticed a jump in the number of followers per day I was gaining. My account normally gets 10-15 new followers each day, but during my first week of Idea pins that jumped to around 75 new followers per day.

Pinterest Tips, Tricks And Success.

Every Account is Different.

When I gained access to Story Pins I was putting together a wedding planning guide around wedding cocktail ideas, so, I made a bunch of story pins for that subject.

I tried to make them eye-catching. As well as having the ingredients and method in the pin slides I also used the Ingredients section in the description.

You can see an example pin here ➢

story pin examples

Converting Visits To Customers.

There’s no point getting thousands of vsitors to your website if they aren’t going to become clients or customers. In most businesses like mine Pinterest is very much the ‘Top of the Funnel’. It’s people who might be intersted in your product or service but are probably still looking for ideas. If you sell a impulse purchase item that will be different but for my business it is normally an introduction to me and my services.

As we went through in the Prepare Section, you need to get your website/store in order, What do you want people to do when they land on your site, what are the actions? Design your site so it will guide them to where you want them to go as easily as if you were to take them by the hand and gently show them around a retail shop. Think of your website as a personal shopping assistant.

Doing it Yourself or Getting Help.

This is often a tricky subject, most of us are solopreneurs and although we normally don’t like to admit it there a little control freak inside us all that feels the need to keep control of every aspect or our business.

The idea of handing control over to somebody else can feel a daunting and even send some of us into a panic, another hurdle we often put up is that we just can’t justify paying somebody else to do what we can do ourselves when we’re not making much money and have the time to do everything.

But, we may be a jack (or Jill) or all trades but we are probably not the master of all and there will always be somebody out there than can do an aspect of our business better than we can, and that could be the difference between us bumbling along or pushing our businesses to the next level with a little help. Somebody once told me that “if you’re not prepared to invest in your own business why should anybody else”?

I’ll use my mother as an example – Apart from being a wonderful woman, she is a very talented dressmaker, seamstress and a fanatical knitter and wiz with a set of crochet hooks. She has a business selling handmade crafts and toys. her products are amazing, but she can’t take a decent photograph to save her life and the idea of building a website is like asking her to talk Cantonese.

She got help putting her site together, she sends out her products to be photographed (most of the time). this has made a huge difference to her online presence and increased her online sales.

Please visit her site and show a little support here ➢

Try this little exercise.

  • If you have an office area or place in your home you work find a blank wall.
  • Grab yourself a pack of post-it notes – On each one write a task you do for your business.
  • Place each post-it note on the wall.
    • If you think it directly adds value to your business place it high on the wall.
    • Put it low if you think it’s needed but doesn’t have much of an impact.
    • If it is something you are good at and enjoy place it to the right on the wall.
    • If it’s one of those tasks you tend to put off place it on the left of the wall.
    • There will be varying degrees so some tasks might end up somewhere in the middle of the wall.
    • If you want to get really fancy about this, get 3 different colours of post-its, red, amber and green and use each colour to represent the amount of time/effort you spend on each task.
      • Green – quick and easy.
      • Amber – a little challenging and involved.
      • Red – I need to put aside time and focus on this one (maybe I’ll put it off until tomorrow).
  • Now go and have a coffee, take a walk and come back to it later (this is important).
  • When you come back to it, take a look, do you still agree with where everything sits?
  • Start at the bottom left. can you simply pop that post-it in the bin and stop wasting your time?
  • Now take a look in the top left area, these are the first things you should consider farming out to somebody else.
    • You might also want to look at farming out some of your red tasks too (but I suspect most of them are already on the top left of your wall.
  • Your time should be focused on the top right, that is where you shine, that is probably where you enjoy what you do and by devoting more time there you will grow.
  • The bottom right probably has lots of reasons why you started your own business and you might find lots of these tasks are about self-fulfilment and feeding your soul.

If your wall looks like this you really need help.

Pinterest Tips, Tricks And Success.

How Often Should I Pin?

How often you pin is less relevent than how consistatly you pin. I currently pin about 30 – 35 times a day and I would say that is about the maximum.

If you are currently pinning once a week don’t suddenly jump to +30, build up. I suggest maybe 50% more each week. But make sure it’s sustainable, if you ramp up to 20 pins a day then run out of content and drop back to once a week you won’t be doing yourself and favours long term.

If you don’t have enough content to sustain then once a day works fine too, consistancy if more important than quantity.

Deleting Bad Pins.

It can be very tempting to delete pins that are not performing, especially if you are looking at metrics like engagement rate, but firstly that’s one of those vanity metrics and only you see it. so, it’s not that critical.

Secondly, you never know when that pin could randomly become relevant. I’d suggest either going back and editing some of the title and description details or even making a fresh version. There’s not much to be gained by spending lots of time trawling through your old pins and deleting them.

The Exceptions.

That said, I recently did exactly that, but for a few very specific reason.

The first – I found some video pins that had a spelling mistake within the overlay text. not a great impression and could hurt my credibility so I tracked them down and deleted them.

The second – As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had a Pinterest account for quite a while and did add the occasional pin from my website. but, this was back in the pre-WordPress days. I coded my wedding galleries in HTML, the main gallery page contained small thumbnail type images that linked to a media file (this was pre lightbox days). So the images on Pinterest were very low res and the links no longer existed, they landed on a 404 page so they weren’t doing my account any good.

Pinterest Ups and Downs.

Pinterest Tips - The ups and downs in your analytics

Once you start getting some traction and start looking at your analytics you’ll notice some strange things going on with your impressions. every now and then you’ll get a random spike. This is just Pinterest figuring out how to best deliver good content to its users.

The algorithm will identify a pin or pins that it thinks are related to a trending subject and push its reach out to a new audience and see if gets noticed and saved. I’ve found that although my reach normally drops back to about the normal level the day after, it’s normally the start of sustained growth.

I did have one of the downs recently too, for about a week my impressions dropped to about a 3rd of what was the current trend. After that, it went back to the normal level and started climbing before spiking at more than double the previous norm.

So, don’t get too hung up on isolated swings in your reach, most of the time it is just Pinterest playing around trying different content and accounts with different users.

That said, if you are doing something that could be considered spammy or against the Pinterest guidelines and see a drop in your reach it might be a sign that your account has been flagged and if you are up to no good you could find you get suspended or even deleted.

Followers & Reach.

One of the greatest things about Pinterest is you don’t need a big following to be found there. Almost all the content you see is none branded, so it’s not coming from big companies and vast marketing budget.

More followers will increase your reach but your first pin could potensially reach millions of people if it’s amazing.

I have noticed that there is some correlation between followers and reach on Idea Pins so if you’re just starting out I wouldn’t focus all your efforts in that area but I’d definitely suggest getting about 5 up there just to round out your profile.

As my reach has increased my following has too, this is a kind of the opposite to the way most platforms such as Instagram work were as you following increases so does your reach.

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Pinterest has had quite an on/off relationship with hashtags. At the moment it’s all off but it looks like it’s been an amicable breakup, there’s no fighting or screaming they appear to be just be ignoring them.

Searching for #pinterestideas no longer gives you pins that have used that # but will now give you results for Pinterest Ideas.

Like I said it seams to be quite amicable so, they don’t look like they are penelising the use of hashtags in descriptions but you are getting no benifit either.

This could all change again and they could be reunited as true lovers until the next falling out. I’m still on occasion using them, more in case there is a reconciliation but I am keeping it to only three and that’s making me be a little more selective.

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