Photography by Bryan

Wedding Photography by Bryan Ormskirk & Southport.

Photography by Bryan established in 2009. Operated and owned by Bryan Farrell.

A photographer for pretty much all my life. Some of my earliest memories involved me taking pictures around the home and garden, in school and of any family holidays. I pursued a traditional career for many years and advanced to a pretty good management position. I held o position of responsibility, managed a team and had quite a successful career.

Much of my work was focused around process improvement and product development and I utilised photography to aid my work and document projects. Throughout my adult life, I was never far away from a camera either at work or in my personal life.

I had a family at quite a young age and my work supported me and my family throughout the years. in 2009 my son was grown up and heading off to start his own career. I no longer needed the security and stability that my job offered me. I had the opportunity to take a generous redundancy package so I jumped at it.

As I drove away from what had been a life long career I was smiling and I was already planning to take my lifelong passion for photography and make it my new career. I contacted several local photography studios and asked if I could assist to gain experience. The first studio I worked at for free. I traded my time for experience and to hone my skills.

I worked in a studio setting learning about lighting, I photographed events to gain some experience with a more fast-paced and uncontrolled environment. The studio quickly started to pay me for my work as they said the quality of the images I was getting for them was making them money so they felt it was right that I should get paid for my work.

Then it happened, I assisted at my first wedding and I was hooked. I remember the wedding really well, everything about it just felt like I had found where I wanted to be. It was also the first time I had a camera die at a really inconvenient time. This was a really good lesson and I always have a few spares on hand now.

I then contacted a few more photography studios that specialised in wedding photography and started working with two more. This was a fantastic way to build my confidence and start putting together my own portfolio. I still work with one of those studios from time to time, it’s a good way to practice some techniques and ideas as well as share ideas with another photographer I respect.

In 2010 I registered Photography by Bryan and started putting together my website over the years the site has grown and changed quite a lot. In 2011 I took my first wedding photography booking. An exciting and scary moment but the start of a new career.

Since then I have photographed hundreds of wedding and have special memories for every one of them. Some of the people I have worked with are real churn and burn companies, trying to cram in as many weddings every year as possible. I never felt comfortable with that idea so now I limit the number of wedding bookings I will take to just 25. A wedding is a big event in peoples lives and I strongly believe it deserves my best work. I don’t want to be the guy who just does enough for his clients so I can move on to the next booking.

Wedding Portfolio.

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