Badalona Beaches Extravaganza: Coco Beach to Oasis Beach Bar via Cristall Beach Walking Tour Part 3

Hey, fellow travelers and beach enthusiasts! Welcome back to my channel.

Today, we’re embarking on an unforgettable journey along the sun-kissed shores of Badalona, Spain.

Get ready to join me on a leisurely walk, starting at Coco Beach and concluding with a delightful visit to the Oasis Beach Bar at the end of Cristall Beach.

00:00 Coco Beach (nudist beach).

00:40 Mercadona Supermarket.

01:00 Lots of bars, restaurants & hotels

03:40 Pont del petroli Beach

03:45 Chiringuito Wayra

05:10 Can Pizza (worth a mention)

06:45 Badalona Pier & the Monkey (Anis del Mono)

07:50 Beach Gym

08:15 Chiringuito

08:45 Anis del Mono Brewery

09:30 L’Estacio Beach

10:20 Chiringuito Mi Cande

10:40 Bars and restaurants

11:40 Club de Rem Badalona

11:50 Saling school

14:20 Chiringuito Karamba

14:30 Patina a Vela Beach

15:30 Badalona Renfe (Train Staition)

17:45 McDonalds 18:00 Pescadors Beach

24:20 La Donzella de la Costa

25:00 Pont de la Botifarreta Beach

27:00 Club Nàutic Bétulo

27:55 Chiringuito Kai Lua

29:45 Play Area

33:10 Cristall Beach

36:40 Chiringuito Takuara (only in summer)

45:05 Oasis Beach Bar (only in summer)

🌅 Coco Beach: Our adventure begins at the postcard-perfect Coco Beach. With its pristine golden sands and azure waters, it’s the ideal place to commence our exploration.

I’ll share some insider tips on where to find the most tranquil spots and how to make the most of your beach day. 🚶 Scenic Coastal Stroll:

As we continue along the picturesque coastal path, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Feel the soft sand under your feet, take in the rhythmic sound of waves crashing, and marvel at the beauty of the Badalona coastline.

🐚 Cristall Beach: Our journey leads us to the tranquil and aptly named Cristall Beach, where you can find shimmering crystalline waters and a serene ambiance.

I’ll reveal some hidden gems along this stretch, perfect for those seeking a peaceful escape.

🍹 Oasis Beach Bar: Our grand finale awaits at the Oasis Beach Bar, located at the end of Cristall Beach.

We’ll dive into their enticing menu, showcasing delectable cocktails and mouthwatering seafood dishes. Plus, I’ll give you a glimpse of the laid-back atmosphere that makes this beachfront gem a must-visit in Badalona.

📸 Don’t forget to pack your camera to capture these mesmerizing coastal vistas. And, of course, if you enjoy this video, don’t hesitate to hit that like button and subscribe for more travel adventures.

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